For over 30 years I have been on a conscious soul journey. Reaching for the stars from which I came to ground their amazing energy on Earth. I have come through many trials accompanied by the Illumined Beings of Light who have guided me and channelled through me. I am an instrument of their Divine Voice, a Visionary and an embodiment of their Divine Love.

I have experienced and learned much and now I offer the fruits of my labours, my wisdom to you, beautiful soul, to help you find your way. As a way shower and leader it is my responsibility to guide you, should you choose to work with me, to soul empower and take up your responsibility as a fully functional, multi dimensional and soul activated human being.

I have had the amazing honour of channelling the inspirational spiritual fiction novel the Magic of the Magdalene Key.  This was closely followed by a 49 Divination Card Pack of the same name and the feed back from both is heartwarming. My other self help books, “LOVE” and 'VIVA VOCE' are both sold out and no longer available from me although you may get a used copy on Amazon.

I have held Magdalene retreats and workshops around the world most notably in Scotland, Ireland, France and the USA. 

It has been and is still a JOY to work for the Illumined Beings of Christed LIGHT!

I live in South East Ireland with my husband Bill and my little dog, my soul friend, Murphy. I have much love to share with you.

Many blessings