About Me

Hello, I'm Patricia


For 30 years I have been listening, learning and loving. I have been healing, helping and holding the Divine Feminine energy for many women across the planet. Restoring, regenerating and reconstructing the balanced self-esteem of thousands to a higher level than ever before.


This refreshed website of mine is being specifically designed For the Light Leaders of the future.


The balance you/we, were/are seeking on an energetic level has arrived and we wonderful women are called on NOW to share this compassion, forgiveness and Love at the highest vibration and level possible to all of humanity.


To do that you must choose to raise your Voice to be heard through the noise. You must step up to be seen and not shrink from coming out of the ‘spiritual closet’. Are you ready?

Your soul came on this stage ready to rock and roll. You lost the plot as ‘life’ happened to you but now you have rebirthed, refined and reclaimed so much and are ready to embody the remainder, of your personal power. Give that power away no more as I share with you many techniques and downright magic that will change your life forever. Transformation and Ascension is yours! Are you ready to shake it and move it?


Dynamic visionary downloads are shared with me from wondrous beings and they are ready and waiting for you to show up and hear the magic in my words and sounds.


Blessings to you and I look forward to working with you


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