No matter what your needs are, you can count on Patricia Iris Kerins for the support you deserve. We see each customer as unique, which is why all of our services can be completely personalized to fit specific needs and preferences. Browse through our comprehensive range of services below to learn more about what we can do for you.



Transformation and change are the one reliable constant state in your life. As we progress through life we are changing physically, growing mentally, strengthening emotionally and learning spiritually. I will tease out the areas from the past and perhaps even the future that are blocking you in any way from achieving your full and true potential. Potential is a key word here as we all have it in spades. I will guide you to identifying what needs to be done as I channel information from the Divine Ones for your Highest Good and Greatest joy.

It s all about forgiving and letting go of the old ‘stuff’ so that you are free to move forward.

These sessions will take you to the next level, the next layer for release, the new beginning, the new life that you seek. 3 sessions are recommended to release your inner Goddess. These sessions typically last about 1 hour 15 minutes.



I work with these Divine beings daily. The ARCTURIANS, THE ARCHANGELS AND ASCENDED MASTERS are now simply part of my life and existence. We are one. There is much to be done they tell me to advise humanity of the peaceful and loving way forward on this, your soul journey. We are all one soul so whatever you and I are doing and being, we do it, are being it, for all. 

The Divine Ones would like to connect with you to help you move forward and introduce themselves to you as a way shower because they know that you wouldn’t be on this page of you weren’t a way shower too.

Self empowerment through these enlightened ones is amazingly powerful. As a starseed I have no doubt you will respond to their call. Are you ready to step up?  Ready to acknowledge the existence of higher powers at work in your life and consciously work with them to reach the stars quite literally? 



Since I was a child living in central Glasgow, Jesus and I have had an amazing relationship. So strong was his voice in my head that I (aged around 6 or 7) would take myself off on a Sunday to many differing types of religious churches, tabernacles and chapels in search of him. Physically I never found him however he has had an abiding presence in my heart and the temple of LOVE we built together there. That is where our church is, where we meet, where we share our Divine Love and Divine Gratitude to God. This is where we have consolidated my mission on his behalf at this time: to be an instrument of his Divine Voice and Healing. 

During the Jesus Speaks sessions you will receive his word, absolutely for you, and his spiritual direction. He may call in Mary Magdalene and Archangel Michael, most high, and others from his Healing Team. 

When setting one of these sessions up please be aware of the need to take sacred space for 1 hour, fill it with Divine Love and Light your candle in expectation. 

We look forward to our time together with you.  Many blessings Patricia



I was given the gift of a powerful, healing voice this lifetime by Mother/Father God. I have used it in many different ways however now I am using it as a channel of Divine Love guided by Mary Magdalene who has used my connection to download a spiritual fiction book called The Magic of the Magdalene Key along with a 49 Divination Card pack. These healing tools are both powerful and potent, very relevant to today’s ascension issues.

Mary is keen to use sound and vibrational frequencies as effective healing tools and brings her Light Language to resolve and dissolve issues.

I offer these Magdalene sound and soul journeys to the deepest core of your soul to transport you to higher levels and dimensions so that you may reveal the true you and heal at a cellular level. 

I ask that you frame 3 questions that you need answers to and I will channel Mary for you who will offer her insights and wisdom.

You are asked to create sacred space, cleanse and clear and light a candle. This session will take 45-60 minutes. If it is done on Zoom or skype then a recording can be sent afterwards.