One to One Coaching, Healing, Therapy and Mentoring

I am delighted to announce that although I am now semi-retired I am still offering some one to one sessions as above.


You may wish to zone in on one particular offering or receive all these aspects during the course of a session with me.


During the health crisis that we are currently experiencing I am reducing my session prices from £125 to £75 per session.


The session is delivered over Zoom or Skype whatever suits you. Contact me to book.


As well as my intuitive channelling and magic voice vibrations I also deliver Hypno/visual and psychotherapeutic techniques to help you resolve your issues.

I am fully qualified in all the left/brain therapies, ( as above) and love to bring them to bear in my right brain world.  My right brain world is connected to the Illumined Beings of Light, (such as Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael most high and many others). And, as such, channels and brings a great deal of healing magic to your table.


Past life regressions abound as that is often the source of much of the maladies you will be suffering from today.


The biggest challenges we are facing today are falling into a downward spiral of fear and anxiety and so the free downloads on the other page goes some way to addressing this however there is no doubt that an in depth one to one will help enormously. We will address your specific challenges and issues.


I look forward to working with you for your highest good and greatest joy.


Many blessings,


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