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Have you hung up your red knickers in despair??

Forgive me for being so direct however there are times when we just need to say it as it is. 

I was recently with 17 lovely Goddesses in Fermoy in Ireland and we were talking of introducing a RED KNICKERS DAY as we worked extremely well for the day on building Super self-esteem, Super self- confidence, Super Source & Spiritual connection. Lives were changed!

Why the red knickers then? Well - red is the colour of your base chakra the house of Isis in your energetic esoteric world and also the Goddess of the Earth, Gaia, she rules here too, so the 

I am talking about relates to the deep seated desires you hold here that have been suppressed by you or you have hidden that have yet to come out into your life. Coming out the closet as an inspired authentic Goddess is always challenging to birth.

By this I mean LOVE POWER in all it’s different aspects, the prime one being the ability to Love and approve of YOU completely and wholly with compassion and forgiveness. 

Last and certainly not least the purpose that you agreed, in fact contracted to deliver as you came to this planet. It needs to be acknowledged and brought forward with LOVE!


If you feel it, whatever IT is for you, is simply not working and you are fed up with it then read on as we address this – at least there are answers to the feelings of desperation whether it is with your relationships, careers, business, spiritual life, negative emotions, dysfunctional habits like drinking too much or perhaps you are procrastinating and putting off writing the book, writing the song, launching the new product or business.
Fear can and often does appear at all these highly charged creative times. 

I have written 3 books now and each time this has come with it’s own entourage of lessons and emotional roller coasters. 

Who I am and why you should care

Failed relationships caused excessively low self esteem, little self confidence and panic attacks and now, through the Magdalene work, I AM a confident and happy woman, a successful business woman, author of 3 books and a set of Divination cards, a channel for Mary Magdalene, TV and Radio presenter who regularly gives talks at events around the world.

I love, respect and honour me, which is a huge turn around – if I can do it – YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! I got my red pants on and went from pain to my dream life………And so can you. And I can guide you because I have been there and I am known to walk my talk.

Finding your Voice

Megan Merkel, Prince Harry’s wife recently said women didn’t need to find their voice anymore they were beyond that – MMmmmm not quite true I have had clients recently absolutely terrified of expressing themselves through the written word, in groups or on social media videos which means they would not feel comfortable speaking at events. 

You probably know I was a professional singer many moons ago, performing with many different orchestras. I did the Albert hall, the Usher Hall and practically every small hall in around Scotland including a huge marquee in Stoneleigh, nr Coventry which held a full house of 14K. 

Although this may convey a great self confidence the opposite was the Truth, I used to evacuate everything in the loo before I went on stage through absolute fear so that I could come over as calm and collected!!!! Have you ever been gripped by fear when you have to speak up at something or just assert your presence in business meetings, or indeed in the family situations that crop up with your other half????

These days happily all those problems have healed and I regularly speak as a key note speaker, about the Divine Feminine and Soul Empowerment at major Mind, Body Spirit events around the UK and the US, in Baltimore and Tucson Arizona. 

For years now I have been successfully helping people to release their most powerful healing tool – their AUTHENTIC voice.  I have worked for charities giving free talks on this subject, in schools and of course I have some clients that I treat free of charge due to their circumstances. 

Using your AUTHENTIC VOICE is the KEY - - -  it has to be your authentic voice! All is possible with love, understanding and self -compassion and getting rid of the limitations imposed right there in your throat chakra either by you or others, during this or in past lives.

Do you Resonate???

So let’s see if you resonate with anything that follows as I offer my one to one support and guidance to you along with the intuitive channelling of many different and miraculous beings, chief amongst those would be Mary Magdalene.


Is there a need for Past Life Resolution???

I sometimes wonder how many awakening women these days think there is a quick fix to the baggage of undermining conditioning and negative programming that we have sustained. Not just in this lifetime but during all of our past life situations too and wait a minute, not just ours either, what about the lives of our Grannies and our Great Grandmothers etc. Going back for thousands of years.

There is no doubt that women have been used and abused as well as suppressed, repressed, oppressed and yes, now depressed as a result of all of this downloaded garbage into our collective, unsuspecting, cellular memory and subconscious.

Working consistently and diligently to clear this stuff is the order of the day. Some may think that a session here and there will give you the answers you need right away and it will peel away levels and layers however when you do that you reveal the next layer and level so on and so forth. You are always a beautiful work of art in progress.

I notice that clients who work with me month on month, do the homework and show up for their lives are the ones who really go on to be all they can be. They are making a difference and I feel honoured to have been involved in their lives at this level. The successful women I have worked with come from all walks of life. Many are now really stepping into their power as Love Warriors and Goddesses of inestimable worth. It is a joy to see. 

Getting your red knickers back on!!

I work with women who feel ready to step up and out onto the ladder of Ascension with a difference, for all I do and deliver comes not just with a healthy Masculine Strategy and strength as we set your goals and targets but also with the Magic, Miracles, Mysticism and wisdom of the Goddess as we apply that to the process. You may call it embodying your Inner Goddess or Priestess in all her balanced glory. 

“Divine Balance and Abundance is yours when you bring the Divine into the Detail!” 

Both of these strategies blend and marry well together giving you that fail safe road to success, whatever that is for you, that you so diligently seek. 

How do I deliver this?

1 hourly sessions on Zoom or Skype whichever suits. 

Ready now?

Are you ready to open to your highest vibrations?  To make every aspect of your life work well? To manifest the life of your dreams, the life you would love to have?

Are you ready to allow Love at a wondrous level to enter you at a cellular level?

 Are you ready to allow Love into every past existence on this and every other dimension, planet, galaxy and time frame? 

Are you ready TO SHINE??? 


Then book a One to One session   now.


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