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In this e-book Patricia shares her insights into and about Mary Magdalene and the ancient Orders of the Magdalene. Many resonate with this amazing energy these days because their cellular memory remembers this deep set imprint of the ability to heal and channel Love in all its guises. When you read this be aware of your energy field and how it responds to the words.


Patricia specialises in channelling Mary Magdalene, for your highest good - "Using the deeply powerful feminine energy of Mary Magdalene, I assist women in transforming their health, wealth, spiritual connection and relationships as they access their fullest potential”. Patricia has 30 years experience in the self help field, qualified in many healing modalities, all added to her amazing Divine Feminine medicine bag ready to bring out the exact one that is right for you.


Her words and sounds as a channel for Mary Magdalene shift and raise your energy to higher levels of vibration helping you release old patterns and blocks.


This book will do the same, open to receiving the Divine Love that will flow into your bodies. Be open to the All that Is.
































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All Copyrights apply.  Patricia Iris Kerins January 2018