Entity releasing sessions

Have you ever said to yourself, 'I don't feel quite myself ', 'I feel something bugging me ', 'it is as if there is something blocking me '?


Your innate wisdom knows exactly when there is a 'something ' present within your energy system that is somehow blocking you or holding you back. I call them entities. They can be implants or miasms, spirits that are displaced or just toxic energies that have liked the look of your energy field and they Cling On..remember Star Trek, the Cling ons are there alright! They drain your energy and can cause illness and pain. They need to go. They can hide in your physical, mental/emotional and or spiritual bodies.


For years now I have been guiding folks to releasing and letting go of these unwanted visitors so if that resonates with you, I have limited sessions available weekly for this. I tend not to do too many a week. 

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