The Sacred Chambers of your Heart

Heartworks involves working with the heart chakra with the objective to removing all barriers to loving fully and freely -  first of all yourself and then all others in your life and your life itself. 

Falling in love with your soul once again you direct then this amazing high vibration energy into every cell of your being regenerating, renewing, rejuvenating and letting your heart sing. 


This work is delivered with deep shamanic visioning revealing all that needs to be acknowledged, accepted, forgiven and healed.  Powerful ways of dissolving the barriers to full self-love are employed.


Raising the vibrational level ever upwards assists the soul journey of ascension as we seek to be the best of all that we can be and the most effective soul presence on the planet at this time that we can be. 


Your heart is your leader, significantly more powerful than the mind and is the true leader of your life so learning to listen to her/his whispered promptings is the way to go. 

Learning to listen to your heart’s intuition and then to totally trust and have faith in it is advised at all times and there are simple techniques that you can learn to help you with this.

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