Divine Feminine Sound Mastery Group – ONLINE COURSE

Experience and learn how to channel your unique sound and become totally confident with it, letting go of self -consciousness.


Experience and learn how to connect to the vibrations of your guides, whomsoever they may be, to bring forward the sounds you and humanity need at this time.


Experience, visualise and learn how to bring forward the light codes and activations that you and humanity need to enable true healing and ascension of all at this time.


Experience and learn how to sound and heal your body and your chakra system whole and complete.


Learn how to balance your soul’s existence with your humanness and the Universe.


Experience and learn how to recalibrate your unique frequency for total wealth, health and happiness.


‘Out of the silence comes the sound of the Divine Feminine Voice, she lifts her head and roars: her voice soars above all as she rises ever upward on the evolutionary spiral of the electrical, magnetic and magical vibration of love and life’.

Patricia Iris Kerins


I hope you will join me to further your ascension process, hand in hand with the voice of the Divine Feminine. You will learn a way to harness the innate Feminine powers you possess for your own good and the greater good of your community and humanity at large


I have had the honour of working with many women now who have discovered a hidden power within their souls and their voices. Together we work to unleash, unveil and unmask the possibilities and potential that your voice contains to shift electrical energy in your body.  You will learn how you can rewire your electrical systems and get them tuned in to the frequencies that will enhance your transition through life. We will explore and use the frequencies of colour to amplify your transformation for your higher good.


This is self - empowerment in its truest form. To take responsibility for your health, as I have had to do recently: to heal yourself by using all of your Goddess given talents to balance your body on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and, of course, physical.


This is not for those who enjoy constant passive healing, although receiving from others certainly has an important part to play: it is for those who truly want to learn and inhabit the ancient knowledge of your ancestors who knew the wisdom and indeed the power that your bodies and most importantly your voices possess. Linking that to your Earth Chakras and the Universal energies, knowing that we are One with all of that, knowing that the Goddesses heart beats within yours as indeed does that of God you develop an unshakeable understanding of the All that Is.


You will develop a relationship with your Creator and Creatrix that is solid, stable and secure. No more anxiety, worry, fear and self - sabotage. Instead high self esteem and worth is yours, as you know finally who and what you are.


Star Beings will undoubtedly present themselves to work with you as will the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms. Be prepared to open your heart’s mind ever further.


Becoming all you can be is a varied journey of love,   fear, light, dark, tears and laughter.


Every illness or life challenge has it’s message and my role has recently been totally clarified: my purpose is very clear and that is  - I am to facilitate this level of self belief, knowing and understanding in those who truly and authentically wish to become all they can be and fulfil their life potential at this time.


This to be done through the power of your own human voice, imbued with all the unique vibrations it possesses as well as developing the skills of visualising and channelling.  Is this for YOU????


If this inspires your soul, I am offering


7 x 1.5 hour group coaching sessions to a maximum of 7 souls. ( 2 sessions per month for 3 months and then 1 to complete)


Commencing Friday September 13th 2019 


at 8pm BST, 12 noon PST and 3 pm EST.




£297.00 payable as you reserve your spot. There are only 7 spaces available.


Please book by September 1st so that your first homework may be sent to you in plenty time for your commencement on the 13th


Do you want to experience and know the final piece of the jigsaw? Are you ready to step up and cast aside forever a worry about what others may think about you? Are you ready to truly own YOU, just as you are? Be bold, be brave, get ready to evolve beyond your wildest dreams – peace and calm will be your way forward assuredly.


Yours with much love and light






Patricia Iris Kerin’s is a powerful conduit for deep and lasting change. She effortlessly creates Sacred Space, that allows us to move into the truth and beauty of who we are. Having experienced her teachings and wisdom first hand through the Magdalene Leadership course, it is an honour to recommend working with her. She is an inspiring leader and facilitator in our awakening in the New Earth.

www.themysticflower.com; www.isabelajewellery.com

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