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Patricia’s womb healing course is profoundly transformational. It’s truly unlike anything I’ve experienced. I started the process

feeling unsure of what to expect and left the experience feeling unburdened, empowered and tapped into fiery goddess energy. I felt my feminine and masculine energies balanced perfectly with each guided meditation.

The meditations are powerful and absolutely inspired. I left each meditation having shed tears! Patricia’s connection to source, particularly Mary Magdalene and the archangelic realm, is so pure. I felt safe, held and supported throughout the entire process. This is a course I will return to time and time again. Thank you, Patricia! 


                                                                                                                                           Cheryl Muir

                                                                                                                                                  United Kingdom             


 Wow that was powerful tears flowing and goosebumps and tingling in my fingers. Thank you 🙏

      15 June 2018 on Key 1 - Wombwork in 5 Magdalene Keys to Optimum Womb Health & Power

 Wow wow wow I'm actually in floods of tears. My Third eye was very powerful goosebumps all over could see greens pinks purples and reds. Felt the presence of the Angels all around. THANKYOU Thankyou Thank you. 🙏😇❤🙏 

     20 June 2018 on Key 2 - Clearing the Physical Womb in 5 Magdalene Keys to Optimum Womb Health & Power


 Feeling very tired after this one soooooo relaxed though. I'm so glad I done this workshop has taught me to take care of me I matter. Love your connection with mother earth and source feeling blessed. ❤ 

     25 June 2018 on Key 3 - Cleansing and Clearing the Mental/Emotional womb in 5 Magdalene Keys to Optimum Womb Health & Power


                                                                                    Shirleyann Simpson

                                                                                             United Kingdom

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