Sound and vision 333

As multidimensional beings, we are understanding more and more our abilities to be like resonant energetic instruments that can heal our energy field. Working with sound, toning and singing, you can alter your cellular state and indeed your state of consciousness. 


Adding to that the power of your intention to heal yourself along with your ability to visualise what you are doing, guided and powered up by the Illumined Ones then you are truly operating from a whole different place. 


I use these techniques to help you to heal yourself. More often than not I use them at the 1-day events I run around the UK and Ireland occasionally in the US. I am also offering 1 to 1 sessions here via Zoom or Skype.

contact me here to make an appointment.


In recent years I have also been working with the star beings, the Arcturians, who are yet another race of multidimensional beings and they too have amazing techniques which I can and will share as they come in more and more to help the plight of Mother Earth. We are already working with the 333, the Christ Consciousness, to great effect. When you add in the star beings to this equation our God selves understand and remember only too well just how powerful we are, just how we can heal our bodies physically as well as repairing and recovering our souls and our sovereignty. Building your mental and emotional body up is also part of this endeavour.


I am still channelling Mary Magdalene and Yeshua ben Josef, amongst others. They too will join us as we seek the Divine Guidance and Healing Direction from the world of 333.


Hope to see you there.


Exchange of energy per session is £75.00 for 60 minutes. Contact me to book.

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