Channelled Mentoring & Inspirational Coaching

Channelled Mentoring & Inspirational Coaching


I am offering a limited number of sessions for Mentoring and Coaching as your monthly commitment is what is required here.


The expectation is that you will have at least 3 sessions to maximise the opportunity to truly grow yourself, your soul and your business, if that applies.


A review of how it has all panned out so far will be taken and we will focus on any blocks that are evident in any of your 5 bodies or multi dimensional field. 


Past life patterning and programmes with be dissolved and resolved and as we clear away the detritus of every day life and living over many life times the shiny diamond that is you will reappear, boldly and lucidly.


Diligent application is required as the Illumined Ones will channel homework for you to do. 

We look forward to guiding you to total self empowerment and self LOVE!





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