This is a unique opportunity to purchase the Magdalene Divination book, all downloaded from Mary herself and 6 other Ascended Masters. All you need to do is ask your question and flick through the book stopping where you are guided to. In this bundle, you also receive Patricia’s spiritual novel, The Magic of the Magdalene Key. A compelling romp through many past lives to bring forward the Key To Life. Finally, as if that isn't enough, you receive a 1 hr reading session with Patricia, usually £75, channelling Mary Magdalene through to usher in your new vibration for 2020. Do you want to reset, refresh and resurrect your new ascended self? Then book today. Only 5 spots are available...


example download from Mary in the Divination Book…

1.   Mary Magdalene – Initiation


You have just received an energetic initiation from me to a higher level of vibration. You have chosen to walk through the new portal, so hold your centre and core alignment. This initiation has happened because of your diligence, persistency and consistency in seeking enlightenment and the Truth on what has undoubtedly been a challenging life journey, a bumpy ride indeed.

Now is the time to praise your self for all that has passed so far, acknowledge and give thanks for what you have learned and notice how you have come through and survived.

Now, with focussed intention, set your sail for the onward journey.

All is in Divine Right Order, beloved One, bless you.


Christmas Gift Bundle

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  • Christmas Gift Bundle


    • Divination Book
    • The Magic of the Magdalene Key Book
    • 1h Reading


    All for £60 plus £2.5 P&P

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