I have been asked by Jesus and Mary Magdalene to write these short beautiful prayers down and then record them, as they, (our beloved ones) will work through the vibration of my voice to help raise your vibration thus transforming your life. As you articulate them yourself using the power of your own voice you are harnessing the power of the Universe to bring all into being, manifesting the best of everything in your life.

I am not writing and recording these prayers to ‘fix’ you. You are healing you. You are taking control of your life, if you choose to do so. 

If you desire to be all you can be, you will commit to the prayers sequence. If you want more love and joy in your life, you will say them, you will hear them, you will surrender to Divine Will and once again sing and dance with Love and Joy in your heart. 

If you would like an intimate loving relationship with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, you need to choose to commit to the power of prayer. 

If you desire to serve Spirit and be the inspirational leader for others in your life you will choose to commit to LOVE and bring the message of Love to others in this simple way.

You are always in control; you will be taking your power back. You will be divinely connected to Jesus and Mary you will be as one with them. I am being urged to share this simple transformational technique that has been around and as powerful for aeons, the profound power of prayer. 

It is about me sharing something that really helped me back to JOY and Love in my Heart. I am the ultimate testimonial. This has worked so extremely well for me I must share this with you. I have a genuine desire to help you to be all you can be - in particular, happy, peaceful, successful and joyful.

This is not something that costs zillions of dollars and is then being reduced for 2 days only on sale. It falls into a category of being heart instruction from Jesus himself and he wishes me to be honoured as the channel bringing this forward by charging a set price of £33.00 per total program download UK.

This is not a vast investment for something as powerfully life changing and transformational as this. Jesus and Mary Magdalene want you to become attuned to their energy through prayer. He wants it to be accessible to all and yet it is not for nothing either as it all takes time and money to put out to various sources, using state of the art technology. If you want to change and transform your life to one of health, wealth and happiness then I do hope you will purchase them now.


If you have friends who, like you, might benefit from this intensive vibration recalibration then please feel free to forward the link out to them. 

The unexpected return of Jesus and Mary Magdalene into every level of life will transform your life in ways that you cannot imagine or dream of. We are all different and unique and the experience for each and every one will be different too. 


Please browse my website to find testimonials from clients whom I ‘tested ‘ the program on and see what they have to share with you on the subject. 

A friend once said to me about taking vitamins, ‘well take the vitamin C -  if it does you no good it will do you no harm’,  I would say the same about this prayer program.  There are no such things as guarantees in life however if doing this programme consecutively for 31 days doesn’t make the desired shifts in your life begin to happen then I’m a leprechaun!!  Tune in to see if this resonates with your vibration or not.

 Faith and prayer Is the anchor that you need during turbulent times in your life.

Thank you and bless you, I am honoured to be in your life one way or another. We are all the Oneness, the wonderful family of planet Earth, together we will make sure that the power of Prayer and LOVE does and will heal all. 

Bless you and much love to you all
Patricia xx

Patricia Iris Kerins
October 2013  Re-launched 2018 (All copyrights apply.)

31 Days of Profound Powerful Prayers with Patricia


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