A Business Expansion Programme from the Heart - This is a downloadable series which has been recorded.
This course is designed with the benefit of your clients in mind. Incredibly heart centred, it honours your gifts and talents and compliments spiritually aware business owners and therapists.




    Designed with the honouring and valuing of your gifts and talents in heart and mind.

    Designed with the benefit of your customers and clients in heart and mind.

    Designed for those who are running a spiritually based/aware business, therapy clinic or shop.

    To be delivered online by Webinar weekly for 3 weeks.

    Your channel and facilitator is



    This is not a hard sell programme to manifest thousands of clients for your list. It is an esoterically (Spirit) guided LOVE BUSINESS programme coming from the Divine One, Mary Magdalene, the symbol of The Christed Divine Feminine Energy; and as such, beams into you the highest level of unconditional Love available on the planet at this time so be prepared for change on a Universal and Galactic scale on every level of your being.


    What is Love Business?

    If you love what you do and do what you love, you are certainly in LOVE BUSINESS.

    It doesn’t seem like a chore or a ‘job’. It is your passion. You love to help people.

    You feel passionate about what you do; how you do it and those you serve. You really feel you provide them with a great service/product and it gets better every day.


    Perhaps you feel all of the above and yet you don’t feel that you are being as successful as you feel you could be in terms of remuneration and attracting new clients, being recognised, heard and seen.



    Blocked or not blocked?

    Something seems to be blocking you and you cant put your finger on it.  You are fed up with people suggesting you have a block, You don’t feel this applies to you. No matter how hard you try and how hard you work, your business just isn’t generating enough money for you to really get going, invest more in the business and expand to a level that you have long desired.


    You have probably done a lot of programmes about money and your relationship to it, you feel OK with that. You have dealt with the conscious and subconscious aspects of that and it still isn’t happening the way you would like it to.

    To simply not have to worry where the next client is coming from or the money for the rent/ mortgage or food for the children or clothes seems like nirvana to you, a dream, somewhere out there.


    Spring 2015

    I started writing this programme during the spring this year because I was feeling a bit like all of the above. I ticked a lot of the boxes. I was a bit fed up as things went up and down as they had for years. 


    I also knew that a lot of my peers thought I was really trucking, They thought I was busy and my positive presence on FB was an indicator that everything was really on fast forward.  I feel it is important to be positive as much as possible on social media because I like to encourage myself, as well as others. However the underlying anxieties about finances were always there. Bottom line was I wasn’t as busy as perhaps it  looked to others.


    Mary Magdalene steps forward.

    Mary Magdalene, who channels through me decided to drip-feed this programme to me. This allowed me time to implement what she was instructing, step by step, so that I could, in the fullness of time, let you know that it was working for me.

    I can say in all honesty that it has and is. I continue to expand through it, to really value myself and the gifts and life changing tools and talents I share with people.

    I have also realised that I have developed an ability to receive which may seem a bit obscure but nevertheless I now believe that if we can practice the Art of Receiving to PHD level we have it made in just about every department of life.

    Sharing with Love

    Mary Magdalene has worked with me on this and lovingly shared a whole structure through the chakras that we can choose to undertake to allow all of this new approach to flow through wonderfully well and that is what I am going to share with you on this series of webinars.

    Transformational Work

    It is life changing transformational work, filled with tools to use and apply to all that you are doing and being. Of course as we work on your ‘business’ as it were we are really working on you, there is no separation, You ARE your business. It reflects your vibration, so, get your vibes sorted and all will be well.

    I truly hope you will join us for the journey. You will never look back and here is a testimonial from a lady who did my last webinar downloaded from the Divine One, here is what she has to say about the Learning to be Confident Channel for Source from earlier this year.

    Paula McFadyen…. The House of Gaia Peebles.

    Holistic Ways Festival -  Edinburgh.

    Having heard Patricia's inspiring talk at a spring Holistic Fair in Edinburgh, I decided to sign up for her up and coming series of webinars. I have to say that I really wasn't sure about communicating using Skype, but nevertheless something or rather 'somebody' up above convinced me to go ahead and sign up. My husband and I were just about to open a shop and had already secured some premises and had a somewhat rough idea of what we were going to sell - or so we thought! Not so...it's funny how Spirit can have other ideas if we'd only listen and trust.

    I have to say that the webinars were indeed life changing. I really enjoyed the time I had to set aside for the webinars as the visualisations were spectacular and it was great to work with and hear about the other participants' journeys. However, the work I did on myself (assisted and engineered by both Patricia and spirit) during these few weeks was incredibly deep and powerful. Much of it was deeply ingrained in this life and related to old wounds, however, some of it was rooted in past lives and underpinned by ancestral patterning.

    Prior to this course I had no connection with the Ascended Masters such as Isis, Mary Magdalene or Jesus amongst others (or so I thought). However once again I was proved wrong - and I'm pleased to say, even some months later, that I continue to work with them all very closely. I have learned to listen to what they tell me and trust what I hear. The outcome of the webinar was that I took on another shop - this time by myself, and turned it into a spiritual haven. It was my dream and what I had wanted all along but my past wounds had made me too afraid to step into my power and say "hey, this is me - this is who I am and this is what I do!" Now after the webinar there is no more hiding or apologising or staying small - how liberating! And now I continue to listen to my guides, and boy do they have more exciting and even bigger spiritual projects for me to take on...  I can honestly say that for me this course has been one of the most important steps I have ever taken. Patricia's spiritual wisdom, humour and down to earth approach is the perfect combination for helping us ground our ideas in reality and make them happen.


    In love and light – Paula Mcfadyen



    How will YOU feel after this webinar experience?



    As we will be working consistently with recalibrating your energy upwards you will undoubtedly feel much lighter, much more focused and aligned to your power, purpose and passion.


    You will have had a number of ‘AHA’ moments and subconsciously be a lot clearer than you were before, as the blocks that you couldn’t put your finger on will have gone.


    You will feel joy surging through your veins and know with that certain inner knowing that you are on track and being effective with all aspects of LOVE in your life.


    You will now know that Love is the answer as the outcomes in your life become more and more positive. You will have expanded the LOVE quotient in your life enormously, making you so much more attractive to yourself, your friends and family, clients and contacts.

    This is a life changer on a gargantuan scale.


    So, upwards and upwards, letting go of all that no longer serves changing the negative thinking to positive certainty, letting go of all the the limiting beliefs.  You will feel as Paula said, “ liberated and confident” to ‘go for it’, knowing that the Laws of Attraction are working for you and through you – you will never look back.

    Fab Deep Work

    Just simply fabulous work. Subconscious and consciously held past life and ancestral ‘stuff’ will have been cleared as well as the held imprinting. All will be gone. Many layers of this will be removed easily and effectively and your soul will be singing as it retrieves recovers all of itself back home.

    Find your Voice.

    Your throat will also be clear to express the pathway and power of your soul You will be standing up, speaking out authentically no more pleasing of others all the time deciding to first of all please YOU as you reveal all of you safely!.



    Loving your self more and more. We could go on and on, so why not experience this for yourself and Book Now. You will simply never look back.


    Course Content


    Here is an outline of the course, this will no doubt change and be added to as we go along. (It did during the live webinars and Patricia has amended the content accordingly)

    As Patricia channels new information comes in.

    This gives you a rough idea of what to expect.

    We will be working with the Masculine and Feminine energies in balance.

    (Please note all webinars will include hypno/visual journey techniques to profoundly power up the changes requiring to be made, Patricia will be channelling Mary Magdalene for this purpose.



    Love business indeed!! Patricia's webinar was just what I needed to guide me into my heart and truly fall in love with my business once more.  Her simple and practical approach was refreshing and the results are amazing!!  Highly recommended! X 

    Nikki Turner 


    I really enjoyed Patricia's Love Business Webinar. The tools she shared were so insightful and inspiring yet simple to apply. I am always blown away by the authenticity of Patricia's message and I am looking forward to applying this to my business. 

    Geraldine Ryan McAndrew 
















    • Looking at the different aspects of your business.
    • Defining your dreams, goals and aspirations
    • Your values
    • Your ideal clients/customers
    • Competition, understanding uniqueness
    • Self Confidence and belief
    • Understanding what a heart/love based business is really all about
    • Using techniques such as the LOVE BATH to enhance all avenues of life and business.
    • Working with Isis in the base chakra to balance and consolidate a good foundation to everything you are doing and being.
    • Powerful hypno /visual to visit your Akashic Records and conduct inner work
    • Removing old beliefs and limiting thought forms and entities
    • Core alignment and grounding
    • Feeling ‘safe’ to open your heart to LOVE









    Will include


    • Divine Love Marketing and all its approaches – reiterating what we learned in Webinar 1.
    • Abundance belly breathing – learning this simple technique to power up your life and business with Love.
    • Infusing the Divine Feminine energies in to your business.
    • Past Life regression to take you to the root of limiting beliefs such as lack, poverty and low self worth.
    • Reprogramming the inner computer. Removing old beliefs and powering up with

        new functional beliefs.














    Will include


    • Working with your relationship to money and how you regard it, how you deal with it, your beliefs around it.
    • Working with the chakras system we balance and work with the base, 2nd 5th and 7th in particular to boost inspirational ideas, grounding them and expressing them with LOVE through the pathway to your soul, your voice.


    Summing up going over what we have learned and shared over the 3 sessions and making notes of actions etc.













    WEBINAR 4 BONUS Q&A session


    This will include a recap on all points channelling further info. Reaffirming tools of transformation and hearing your feedback.


    Q&A. session.






    Please note, it is your responsibility to show up for your session. If you cannot be there LIVE then download the recording as soon as possible after the event.

    A facebook page will be available where you can comment and ask questions which Patricia will monitor and respond to. (NOT AVAILABLE IF RECORDINGS have been PURCHASED, LIVE ATTENDEES ONLY )













    To BOOK




    Please go to www.patriciairiskerins.com/courses


    Original Cost £133.00 per person.

    NOW recorded and available as 3 video recordings.


    THESE 3 RECORDINGS of this high powered and high vibrational level work are now available to download for £47.00.

    Please visit Patricia’s site as above to pay.


    NB. Please note this will not include the Q&A session 4, as this is personal to the attendees on the original course.

    When we have received your payment you will be sent the links to these recordings. They are for your use only and not to be shared out.

    All copyrights apply. No part or all of these Webinars may be used in public or groups without the express permission of Patricia Iris Kerins DHP who’s downloaded work this is.

    Thank you so much for viewing this work and we hope we can help you step up to the next level and accomplish al your life, business and love goals. We would LOVE to help you expand your LOVE BUSINESS and LIFE!


    Patricia Iris Kerins DHP.


    Patricia’s Love Business Team includes herself, Lisa Macarieux of Mediabloom, responsible for social media promotion.

    Emma Audain, PR & marketing consultant.





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