Order your Magdalene Key Cards today and receive your personally dedicated and blessed:


  • 49 card divination deck;
  • Information booklet - autographed by Patricia;
  • Beautiful medicine bag to keep them in;
  • Pocket size Rose quartz heart, cleansed, cleared and programmed to bring more and more Magdalenic Love & Light into your life.


Jo Beth Young is responsible for the wonderful paintings of each Master who wanted to come forward in the Magic of the Magdalene Card deck. Their energies infused every stroke of her brush and filled each painting with love and grace which you can feel when you lift the cards into your hands.


At my talks, I tell the story regarding the slight resistence Jo Beth felt from Isis to come through until we understood that Mary was a reincarnation of Isis, once we got that the painting flowed beautifully!


Jo was also responsible for the design and concept of the pack artwork and presentation. She also did my book, The Magic of the Magdalene Key. So you can tell she is my 'go to' person for all the inspirational Art, designs and concepts I use in my work.


It is a Divine Collaboration indeed.

The Illumined Beings of Light, Jo Beth and Me.


Jo Beth says "These  beautiful images were painted with energised water and gold leaf, dried with crystals whilst referring and finished digitally. Inspired by the traditional Iconography tradition. These images are designed for contemplation."  


Order yours today and be first to benefit from the amazing healing powers and guidance of Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, Daughter Sarah, Isis and Archangel Michael. These are all the wonderful sentient beings, Ascended Masters who featured in the book,  'The Magic of the Magdalene Key' by Patricia - they wanted to speak to you even more!!

Magdalene Key Cards


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