I have been honoured to work with Isobel Stamford a Master Jeweller and Essence Maker for most of this year as she is an enthusiastic member of The Magdalene Leadership Group and it seemed like a wonderful natural progression to ask her to make bespoke essences for Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. She gracefully accepted the commission and the result is touchingly beautiful. 

Mary Magdalene, of course, coming forward on the essence of Rose and Geranium with Yeshua bringing Spikenard, Frankincense and Amber forward. 


Theses beautiful auric sprays can be used separately to boost your senses or use them in tandem to balance both aspects of self.


I recommend using the Divine Masculine when you need to bring more structure and strategy, oomph and ‘let’s get this show on the road’ stuff in. Also when you need a feeling of being grounded and aligned.


I suggest you use the Divine Feminine for conceptualisation, inspiration, intuition. LOVE and creativity. Going with the flow of life.


These beautiful co-creations will enhance your auric field and your space whether at home work or out and about.


If you purchase both the Mary Magdalene and Yeshua Aura Sprays, you will receive a complimentary Magdalene MP3 meditation also. 


P&P will be charged separately. 

Mary Magdalene Aura Spray


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