In depth coaching for life, including healing of all 4 bodies and the chakra system. Whether your issue is in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies we, the Illumined Ones and I, can step into your energy field and intuitively root out what needs to be loved, healed, forgiven and released. Divine, high vibrational work designed with your health, wealth and happiness in heart and mind.

The objective being to help you open your heart fully to life, to usher more love in on every level and to bring self love to the top of your agenda without doubt or fear. Helping you to embrace your Divine Feminine energy whether male or female and stepping up and into the totality of your full potential.


Patricia recommends booking at least 3 sessions to ensure permanent and full effects from this work. 

One to One Coaching

£125.00 Regular Price
£75.00Sale Price
  • All sessions must be paid for fully in advance to guarantee your appointment time.


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