The Magic Of The Magdalene Key Book

The Magic Of The Magdalene Key Book


Marianna is instructed by the Councils of Light to go on a voyage of discovery, a quest to find, activate and bring forward this energy however the dark forces are out to thwart her at every turn. Archangel Michael most high is working on the case with her as are her beautiful guides and then to top it all she meets her soul mate and he gets involved as well. Will she prevail will she bring forward that for which she is so diligently searching? Only by reading this roller coaster will you find out….




I really enjoyed this book.  On one level it is a quest-adventure story (like Indiana Jones or The Da Vinci Code) of good versus evil, whose characters traverse the globe to find a treasure which will save the world.  The pace is fast, quickening as the urgency increases.  The characters are not too numerous, so it is easy to follow, and they are likeable and believable.  At the end of each chapter I was gripped, wanting to know what happens next!  If you read it simply on this level, it is an enjoyable tale that will hold your attention throughout with lovely pit-stops in France, Rome, Egypt and Scotland.


On another, deeper level, the book can be read as a parable: a simple story used to convey great Universal truths.  There are a lot of spiritual references and symbolism throughout, with the main theme being the rebalancing of male and female energies on the planet.   The descriptions of the labyrinthine journey at the beginning of the book are wonderful, linking the outer physical labyrinth with the inner journey (rather like ‘The Inner Castle’ of St Teresa of Avila). 


The author has drawn on her own experience as a visionary, mystic, intuitive healer to create a truly magical book!


Anita Neilson

Author of ‘Acts of Kindness from your Armchair’, Spiritual Poet and Kindness Blogger.