Is the Goddess Calling you?

Are you aware that there is an inner yearning, an inner drive that keeps you moving forward in life? You may not be amazingly aware of what it is or why this might be happening. It is almost a vague feeling, (for some a raging passion) that there is something more just beyond your grasp.
This is the inner voice of the Goddess, the feminine part of you, man or woman, that really would like to be acknowledged, allowed to blossom, allowed to step forward, be heard and seen.
Some of us are on a conscious spiritual journey, some of us are not and it matters not to the Goddess for she will make her presence felt regardless. If you are feeling frustrated, intolerant, short of temper, nobody listens to you, far less appreciate your presence, or you may feel you are disrespected, abused, unloved and generally disempowered. If you can tick any of those boxes then there is no doubt that doing some inner Goddess Healing work and Soul Empowerment is highly recommended.
She, the all powerful Goddess, is asking you to STEP UP and be the change you are really hankering for. Enough is enough, the whispering winds of change are upon you.
Contact Patricia Iris Kerins DHP Soul Empowerment Coach
Bringing forward the Voice of the Goddess Show on Ascension Network Radio
Twitter: @patricia_iris
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