How to get ahead in life by talking to your heart

Over the past few months I have been asking my soul coaching clients/students to write a letter to their hearts and dialogue with their hearts. This has proved to be a very powerful exercise for one and all.
They had to take the sacred time to really connect with their hearts, dig and delve deep, listen intently to the messages contained therein. For some it was very emotional as the realisation hit them that this is not something they have actually done before as the business of life seems not to allow time for self indulgence like this. Self indulgence is a singular requirement for a healthy functional life so that you can really hear your guidance system, your heart, at work.
In the womb, your heart starts to beat a long time before your brain has developed or indeed your mind. In every respect your heart leads the way. When you embark on growing up, you start to learn to be a people pleaser. Most of us give up listening to our own hearts and follow the guidance system of others and how they want it to be for you.
It is never too late reconnect with your heart and the guidance, wisdom, love and compassion it contains for you. Take time out this week to sit with your heart, in a quiet space, and write all it has to tell you, all it has to share, the highs, the lows, the words, the images, the colours, the feelings. The heart mind is vibrant, innovative, filled with passion and desire to bring you to achieving your highest potential at all times, for your highest good and greatest joy.
All copyrights apply. Patricia Iris Kerins DHP.
If you would like coaching to help you to totally reconnect to your heart and heal your soul and indeed all aspects of yourself then contact Patricia for a free 15 minute chat to see if you are a ‘fit’.
Twitter: @patricia_iris
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