Conversations with Goddess: To Be, Or Not To Be...?

In meditation today the Shakespearian phrase kept coming in, ‘to be, or not to be, that is the question’. As Mother Earth took me deep down to be for the first time in her extreme inner sanctum this question was posed.

In this life that I have co-created for myself, I bring forward what could be loosely described as a ‘Spiritual Business and Life’. I coach and mentor, I write books and songs, I sound and sing. I teach and share all that I have learned over the 60 + years on the planet about self empowerment and finding your voice so that you feel free to be YOU and express your TRUTH.

This life poses many dilemmas and questions, not least how much time do you spend on being with clients, coaching and mentoring, how much time do you spend on the computer making up posts, putting out posts to all groups and connections via the facebook and the twittersphere.

How many times do you ignore the headache that is building as you sit and do this. To push through or not to push through. Even going for a walk in nature doesn’t always sort out the negative energy that has built up. No two ways about it, technology zaps your energy not least because it is frustrating as this particular computer is so sensitive it dives about all over the place and it lets lots of undesirable sites in, so its voice is constantly singing about suspicious webs or files that are trying to get in, closely followed by an advert to upgrade to something even better to prevent it all. That is just a coincidence – of course…..

I was being asked by Goddess to have a good look at all this. Do I derive joy from all of that ‘stuff’, short answer NO. I DO get joy from presenting Goddess Love, Truth and Voice Healing on my Radio Show, Voice of the Goddess on THING IS….You do need to let people know you are on or you would be talking to yourself……so my balance has been to employ a very sharp young lady who takes some of this burden and is helping very well, to do the technology thing. I have also purchased a much better computer which is currently being loaded with all my info.

I decided to dialogue directly with the Goddess on this subject.


Goddess says, “when you get into the space of ‘being’, you will be prompted when to sit down and do the ‘technical stuff’ and when to stop. When you become more aware of these inner promptings and listen to them, when you do sit down, all will go swimmingly and will flow. There will be no pressure as you magnetise to you from that space all you need, clearly and calmly. It will feel good.’’

I respond, “ but I feel guilty, I don’t want to be thought of as lazy by myself or others. I feel as though I should always be doing something towards the success of my book, The Magic of the Magdalene Key, or promoting my Goddess Retreats, or the Radio. I have done all my Louise L Hay work and I still say ‘should’, occasionally and I feel it could be that good old work ethic that has been so imprinted in my bones that makes me feel this guilt. I get stressed, irritable and it detracts from the joyous life that I lead most of the time. It is my humanness.’’

Goddess says, “You have all the answers within. You are aware of methods to take away negative emotions such as guilt and anger. Use them. Become your own best student of inner calm and peace. That is not to deny the existence of anger and irritation, however choose to express it appropriately, with love and forgiveness, and then let it go. You will feel instantly energised, as this stuff is zapping you too. Call the power of love in to flow through all and write some positive affirmations such as:-

I am enjoying the calmness of being and only doing when the Goddess prompts me to action.

I love writing it brings me joy.

I love my new computer it is going to make my life so much easier.

I am grateful for my virtual assistant she is so helpful.

I am tapping away all my anger and irritation (if you need help with this give me a shout).

I am in the present moment, ever vigilant for the next creative inspiration to flow through…

I am feeling more energised as I have expressed what is and I encourage all of you out there to write, to express, not needing approval or applause, just do it for the joy of speaking your Truth whatever that may be.

Patricia Iris Kerins DHP



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