The Values of a Residential Shamanic Retreat

My connection to the earth and the elements is such that I realise I have taken my Shamanism for granted over the years. Some people wonder what the word itself means and what it means in terms of a sojourn here on this amazing planetary home we call Earth.

Well here is my take on it all and as I embrace shamanism more and more into my way of living and existing, I cannot help but notice the huge, significant changes and shifts that have come to pass in every way, most importantly on whether I am happy or not. Essentially we are here to be happy and you can dress it up whatever way you want the bottom line is being happy is your goal. It is surely the essential reason for being and living, to arrive at the happiness point on the journey.

Shamanism to me is nothing whatsoever to do with religion, it is simply a way of being, being in harmony with the Earth, the sky, the planets, with the elements, directions, the birds, the animals, the flora , fauna and the trees. It is about magic, mysticism and working on all dimensional levels with the beings seen and unseen who are here to help us heal and live happy lives.

We are all part of the one vibration, resonating together; each aspect forms the whole experience of living. When we are in balance and in harmony with all of this beauty that is within us and surrounds us, oxygenating our bodies deeply with oxygen and using our innate powers of wisdom, visualisation and intention there is a realisation that there is nothing that we cannot do or achieve. We are the authority in our lives and yet we are one heart, one soul, one voice and one vibration each one being the centre of their own universe.

A desire to release all the self inflicted limitations that we put upon ourselves or the inflicted limitations that others have put upon us is a job that simply needs to be taken in order to lead a life of total function and realising the totality of your potential as regards your soul’s purpose. Your soul will sing its song, if not in this life time then perhaps in the next. Why not address whatever is holding it back now and sing your song this time around??

One of the wonderful aspects of shamanism is using vibration. Whether it is the power of your own voice and/or the reverberations of the drum we can release whatever is holding us back. Using the power of fire, we can burn away and offer up to the Great Spirit, the Source, (whatever you care to call it), the organisational field that brings all together and into being, whatever no longer serves us.

In the waters of life we can embrace our creative juices, allow them to flow forwards onwards and upwards with ever cleansing and balancing effect upon our beings. The lubricating waters of life help us also to express the fullness of who we are and connect to dimensions previously unacknowledged and yet so very present in our existence. These would include the fairy realms, the angelic realms and ascended masters, goddesses who assist your daily evolution and energetic recalibration.

Dearest hearts you can take the time to connect with the multi dimensional parts of yourself and love them all into being healed and whole, recalling your spirit from everyone, every situation, every time frame, every planet and universe/galaxy that you have ever been on and involved with. You can heal the past life issues that hold you back as well as the ancestral programming that has haunted you for so long. You can really SHOW UP by dealing with all of this as you choose consciously to be who you truly are. It is a choice…a powerful choice for life.

It is wise to take time away from your ‘normal’ life and its responsibilities to undergo this, a retreat, time just for you. At the very least, it is an investment for your health and wellbeing that will pay mighty dividends. Learning to love and value yourself is integral to any good shamanic retreat. Delving into the depths of your subconscious we root out all that needs to shift and go anything that would block you from being who you truly are. That magnificent beautiful soul who chose to come at this amazing time of SOCIAL CHANGE to be all you can be and help with this transition of humanity.

Until next time beautiful soul, be all you can be, and that changes daily!!!

Much love,

Patricia Iris Kerins DHP

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