Are you on Fire?!

Patricia: “Do you have words of wisdom for me today, dearest heart”.
Goddess: “The element of Fire is expanding the power of the Passion and Purpose that fills your being as you step nearer and nearer to achieving your long held goals.
Goals of breaking down the structures and ancient patterns that you have been taught and conditioning that has permeated your soul. Your soul has been imprinted with fear and negativity.
You gave away your power, you gave it away because you didn’t know how to stand in your own power and speak your Truth. You didn’t know how to express it with Love and honesty because you had been taught to fit in, to play small, to feel ‘less than’, not good enough, to comply and serve those who seek to exploit and manipulate for purposes of greed and material wealth.
No more beloved one, those days have gone. Recall and resurrect your Divine Love Power. Your soul now seeks to express its innermost beauty and magnificence.
My sincere wish is for you to express this through your writing and your words of wisdom, your song and sound as they will help others step up to be who they truly are.
Lead from the front, do not shy away from sticking your head above the parapet for your job has been, and always will be, to put LOVE on HUMANITY’S AGENDA and we deeply honour you for doing just that, and continuing to do so for many years to come.
Divine blessings of Love to you and all your readers”.
Sacred Sharing:
If you would like to restore your energy, to find your power, purpose and passion and apply it in a way that feeds your Soul then contact Patricia Iris Kerins DHP for a free 15 minutes chat to see if we resonate, if we do, then we can proceed to coaching and Soul Empowerment sessions.

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