Reiki, Reiki, where for art thou Reiki...?

Do you understand that there is no separation between you and this healing modality you call Reiki. I hear many say they are invoking this and downloading that and doing all kinds of things with it, yet it is simple.

It is You, purely You, as part of the unified field of LOVE POWER energy, as you are all children of LOVE POWER, you are all love and this healing you call Reiki is indeed LOVE in all it’s finest flow of glorious Goddess and God healing. Be mindful of the balance between the two energies, it is all energy.

Awareness is everything. As you enter a room Love Power’s energetic vibration flows through with you, as you speak to your students it flows through your words, as you feel your emotions the love power flows through you and affects all those around you. As you touch your clients, healees and friends its Love Power flows into their cellular structure to heal them at a deep level. All are able to do this, one needs to believe and know this is so.

There must be no feelings/thoughts of this is ‘out there’ and I am ‘In here’, do you get this? There is no separation.


Yes I do get it. Reiki was necessary for me when I first consciously started my soul’s journey as it brought a learning structure into my life (I was still very left brained at that time) as I was discovering that I am Love in Action. Not all about me was love in action at the time and I am still a work in progress, there was a lot of self-healing to do to release old anger, resentments, guilt and shames etc and also get rid of self-criticism and judgement.

The attunements opened my psychic channels to help me to hear and feel you, beautiful Goddess Energy, more clearly in my life. I regard it to be the foundation to all of the work I am now able to bring forward for others to help them to self-empower, hear, see and feel YOU. It is placed for those who were like me, a seeker of the Truth. Who didn’t know where to begin to really touch the Source of All that Is, religion simply couldn’t deliver that for me. Reiki has an honoured and revered place in the rich tapestry of my life.


We know lovely one, we see your progress and it is sure and steady. As more of humanity step into their power, all of those serving consciously, will become busier and busier as more and more reach out to have the veils pulled from their eyes, to get an understanding that there is so much more to life than what you actually can see from 3 dimensional living. There is indeed a big picture and it is unfolding in/ through and around the power of LOVE.

Blessings to you and yours and all your beautiful readers, Patricia, we bid you a fond farewell for now. Call this one,

‘ Reiki, Reiki. Wherefore art thou Reiki’?


Patricia: Thank you Beloved One, thank you and deep bow to you.

Conversation with The Goddess through Patricia Iris Kerins May 25th 2015 .

I do hope you have found this helpful. All copyrights apply, if you wish to reproduce this in any way shape or form, written permission must be obtained from Patricia Iris Kerins

Twitter: @patricia_iris
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