Conversations with Goddess: Reveal Yourself

My blog is clearly about my feelings and thoughts when I dialogue with the Goddess. At its heart there is also a desire to help you on your journey by sharing what comes through for me from the Goddess on a daily basis. Together we, Goddess and I, birthed Conversations with Goddess.

Today I drew a card it said REVEAL YOURSELF….

I always believe that the right message appears at the right time and this one was no exception. No I didn’t feel I was being called on to romp around ‘starkers’ in the moonlight!

I did feel there were and are still aspects of me that I have yet to put out to this unsuspecting world. This prompted the following conversation with Goddess as I sat in my bedroom in the peace and stillness, listening to the birds in the garden as they chattered just outside the windows.

Tuning in………calling Goddess forward in love and light.

Goddess: Greetings beloved, you call upon me for inspirations this morning.

Patricia: I do indeed. I feel blessed by your continued presence in my life. What is your interpretation of this card’s message for me and my readers at this time.

Goddess: That is a broad request, I will do my best, what is for one is for all……

The inner YOU, the true YOU, the authentic YOU is often squashed and put down as you judge her/him to be not enough in some way. You make your judgements from positions that believe in being right and being wrong and not yet simply believing and knowing what is, is.

Patricia: OK, what is, is? Could you develop that a little please?

Goddess: This is about self- acceptance and ultimately self- love. You have always done the best you could with the knowledge that you have had, at the time. The habit I perceive in many is to look back with a now much more enlightened outlook and judging your past actions harshly, forgetting that you just didn’t know then what you know now. It causes you to be very hard on yourself.

Patricia: I accept that totally to be true but what about this ‘reveal yourself’ aspect what is the next step to accomplishing that?

Goddess: All those aspects of you, that you have judged so harshly, have a voice. They long to be heard, liberated and let out of the cage. Until you do that there will be a part of YOU not loving YOU and that means your heart’s LOVE POWER is restricted.

Patricia: How do I do that, how do I connect with them?

Goddess: Pretend they have a voice, call them forward to converse with them, ask them what they would like you to be or do, to heal and liberate them. Listen to them……..

Patricia: If I implement what they are offering will this assist with my heart’s healing? I reckon I am about 80% heart healed right now and I have worked hard on past life and ancestral patterning to get there.

Goddess: Yes, it is the final piece of the jigsaw for you however others that we speak to through you, may have more self- healing work to complete as you have done. You have been diligent beloved One. You are also giving others a helping hand up to do the same.

We see you,

We hear you.

We Love you.

Loving yourself completely will then allow you to reveal the fullness of your spirit, to bring all of your true potential to this journey you know as life without fear or trembling. You are a glorious work in progress.

Beloved One we are with you (all) every step of the way, there is much love here for you.

Patricia: Thank you Goddess, that is a wonderful insight and now I know what I will be working on when I meditate and visualise later today. I enjoy being a work in progress knowing I am guided by your beautiful words.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My heart and your heart are ONE.

Until next time, adieu.

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