Conversations with Goddess: Don't be Afraid to Love

October 14, 2015

In meditation today I was given this beautiful message from she who would speak through me with the highest vibration of Divine Love, Mary Magdalene.


Goddess: Don’t be afraid to love. Love openly, love fully, love everyone, everything. It is OK to love. It is OK to talk about love and express that sentiment to people, it inspires them, sets them free to talk about love, to embrace it and welcome it into their lives.


Patricia: I wasn’t brought up in a family who spoke about love openly or who hugged or indeed who were demonstrative in any way. They were really emotionally unavailable. They were critical. The consequences of that were, when I first started to become a love and light worker, I found it difficult to express Love, voicing LOVE in all it’s aspects, for fear of rejection, criticism, judgement, ridicule, being too soft, or too wet!


Goddess: Don’t be afraid to love. Feel the fears of the old patterns and the past, allow the rejection to dissolve. Send love to the individuals that you feel have done you wrong over the years. Simply send love. You don’t need to reengage with them unless you choose to do so, however shift the old negative energies and turn it around. Simply send them bubbles of PINK, LOVING and FORGIVING LIGHT.


This brings YOU liberation as you forgive, love and forget, in time you will forget.


Patricia: I do that now, I have detached from the outcome. Just because I love it doesn’t mean I will be loved in return. I don’t need to be. I have let go of the expectations, as some are not ready yet to step up and into a LOVE full life. I can only allow my heart it’s head and lead by example. The huge difference for me is I now love myself fully, that has taken many years of inner healing work. I also LOVE  all my beautiful guides, angels and ascended masters who work with me daily. I am eternally grateful.


Goddess: Your words are wise beloved One. We are ever blessed that you bring forward our words of wisdom as an emissary for the Illumined Beings of Light.


Remember! Never miss an opportunity to express your love, as you never know when the person or animal that you are sharing it with, will choose to depart this planet and experience, to go home to Spirit. Never miss an opportunity to LOVE.


Patricia: You have my word.


Goddess: You are starting your next book when? The follow on to the Magic of the Magdalene Key – we are ready to dictate, when you are ready to receive…..


Patricia: Ah yes, soon , beloved, soon…….thank you for today’s beautiful words of wisdom and love..I LOVE YOU. Until next time……..


The Goddess through Patricia Iris Kerins 13th October 2015


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