Conversations with Goddess: Go Within

“Beloved Ones, look no further than the inner whisperings of your hearts at this time to hear the guidance, the loving nurturance being offered to you there. When we truly listen, with an open heart and mind, then we hear the lovely words that will reveal to you more of YOU.

The YOU that needs now to heal all that has been suffered due to the suppression and oppression of your Divine Feminine energy through the experiences of this, and your past lives as well as your ancestral, cultural, familial, educational and religious programming.

Men and women alike have been hobbling along, out of balance, indulging in the frenetic activities of your minds, with it’s fears, negative beliefs and limited thinking, forgetting that the heart is the one who leads and has a mind of it’s own and if not listened to will bring all kinds of challenges to your door.

You will find it testing to bring your fullest potential to bear in life; this will affect your health, career, relationships and abundance in negative ways.

Seize the moment now to acknowledge the mind and thank it for all it offers and has offered in the past, then sink into the calm and peace of your heart, recall your power from your mind and your inner controller, into the sacred place of the Divine Oneness of your Soul’s Temple where all are one and free, where you resonate with the All That Is, the collective Soul, co-creative Power, that is Humanity. There is no separation between you and your resourceful creator/creatrix.

Harnessing the power of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, in equal balance, is the simple yet amazingly powerful way to release all that you are and all you can be, to be more than you can be.

Take time every day of your life just for you, put yourself at the top of the heap, attend to your needs and your health first so that then, with energies replenished and restored, you may be of more help to others. Love yourself unashamedly and enthusiastically for you are a magnificent soul spirit here to experience, grow, strengthen and ascend. As you do this you activate the very message you came here to deliver and openly express, the part of the puzzle that is uniquely and divinely yours. You will find and awaken your True LOVE voice.

Beloved Ones take time to go within every day and talk to your heart, you will be amazed at how much you grow and prosper as you listen and act on its guidance. Until we speak again.

I AM Mary Magdalene”.

Mary Magdalene symbolises the Divine Feminine Energy that is being blasted into us from the Illumined Beings of Light every moment of every day, of every week, of every year, since the planetary Harmonic Convergence in our Universe in 1986.

I have the honour of channelling her words to us and have been doing so for some years now. Her top priority is teaching us, men and women alike, to truly love ourselves, to self empower, to take our power back from any person, place, situation, relationship, memory, on any dimension, on any time line and life time. It is also essential to recover our power from the ancestral programmes that we have all inherited and embedded into our DNA.

Mary Magdalene works hand in glove with Archangel Michael, most high, and together they wield and harness the POWER OF LOVE as a force for good that is healing many in extremely effective ways.

The main areas affected by the loss of the Divine Feminine Energy are the throat, the heart and the sacral chakras.

No surprises there then, so lets start with the throat chakra. Our voices have been suppressed as we were taught how to play small, be seen (not always the case for some) and not heard, that we don’t count or we feel guilty when we express the Truth of who we are because we have been taught that we are less than the males of our species and not good enough. This applies to men as well as women as the expression of the feminine in men has not been encouraged, expanded or seen and many have had to really suppress this very natural side to themselves for fear of being condemned in some way by society. Sexual distortions may emerge as a result of suppressed natural behaviours.

It takes commitment to your own healing to do the inner work to overcome much of this ‘stuff’ this lifetime and then we also need to choose to delve deeper to shift the ‘wrong teachings and learnings’, from the past.

Our sacral chakras are the seat of our co-creative powers and so many demonstrate an imbalance in their stance there. They find that their creativity is stagnating, that they manifest many, of what are called ‘women’s problems’, not realising that the lining of the womb is like a memory bank from this and past, ancient lifetimes of so many dreadful abuses.

The fear of standing up to be who you really are is embedded within here as on so many occasions when you ‘stuck your head above the parapet’ you were killed or maimed in some way. Now fear holds you in its grip and yet not consciously, you wonder why you self sabotage or stop just as you are about to succeed at something, you find it difficult to flow easily with life.

Then we come to your beautiful hearts, they have withstood, “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” or have they? Is it all there, held in the cellular memory, holding us in a state of fear of really being able to love ourselves, our partners, husbands and/or wives? Do you really know what true love is what that misused and overused word really means.

Mary Magdalene talks about Divine Love a lot and unconditional Love. The Divine is always the highest vibration of this emotion available to us at any one time and unconditional means exactly that. I love you as you are, without any caveats or exceptions just as you are. This includes the bits I like, the bits I don’t like so much and the bits that annoy and upset me, I accept them all in you. The thing is YOU, in order to do this for others, have to do it for yourself first.

Give this some thought and write down everything you love about you, then the bits that you don’t like and the bits you seriously dislike – it will be an eye and heart opener as you learn how to harmonise your heart with loving yourself as you consciously find compassion, understanding and kindness for yourself. Take time to just move into a place of self acceptance, knowing you are always doing the best you can, life is getting better in every way, every day.

You see your heart just wants to sing it’s way through life. By always doing what makes your heart sing you will achieve this and it will be so happy, content, serene and peaceful. Sounds really good doesn’t it and it is achievable for all.


Starting within you, when you meditate every day for even just 10 minutes, you can bring peace and serenity to this world. I say this as we are all part of One Soul Consciousness called Humanity and we can heal our part of that, our cell if you like, and then that affects and heals the whole. Imagine, if millions gathered together to do just that.

I have good news, it is already happening, as groups across the globe harness the Power of Love into their lives with the focussed intention of healing us all whole.

You know, the Dali Llama keeps saying that Western Women will heal the answer to the world’s ills. He has the right of that, however we do need to take action to heal all of those chakras as mentioned above and indeed the others not highlighted in this article, to core align and balance ourselves with Mother Earth and Source.

We also need to take action to liberate ourselves to STAND UP, SHOW UP, SPEAK UP and BE SEEN, delivering OUR AUTHENTIC MESSAGE with a VOICE that is EMPOWERED with the POWER OF LOVE.

And so it is.

Patricia Iris Kerins DHP – LOVE POWER


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