Conversations with Goddess: New Beginnings

And so we come to the end of a glorious year in 2015 when shifting, transmuting, growing and expanding were the order of the day. A bumpy ride for many and still as we come to the end of December many closures and completions taking place not to mention clearing the clutter of our lives.

Are you ready to open the next chapter in your life, is your journal purchased and open at the blank page? Is your plume poised ready to write the story of 2016 as it unfolds or have you had your guidance and you are now noting the actions you are required to take without pushing but rather pulling all to you that you need to manifest, ground and receive.

Have you asked for guidance on this one, have you spoken to your inner Goddess, have you listened to your heart? They need a voice, they need to be heard as they have a unique soul guided plan, just for you. It may not be anything like the mental plan that you have thought it would be. It may be that your heart’s mind and the Goddess have a whole different agenda for you that is now ready to come forward. You can try to ignore it, you can try to procrastinate and do it another day. It won’t go away. Your guidance will nudge and prompt you until you surrender and put your trust right there, faith in the guidance from the wonderful miraculous Goddess within your heart.

Take some time right now to ask your questions and Listen to the answers, write them in your journal, just as I will do right now.

As I write this day I ask

What have you in store for me this coming year, beloved one?

Goddess replies

Be open, be flexible, go with the flow, for we will bring to you unexpected and expected opportunities and we ask you to stand in your core alignment to accept the challenges that will accompany these aspects.

Tune in to me every step of the way to ensure your sacred path to the aspirations and intentions that we will bestow upon you are set on strong foundations.

Yours is a journey, a road, not often undertaken or travelled. Travel light. Let go of all that no longer serves you. Let go of the last of the lower emotions that have held you back in the past.

Total belief in yourself and in your capabilities as a Teacher and Healer are necessary at this time as many will come to you to open their hearts to new ways of being. Their lives are no longer material and competition based. They need to know how to live a better life as they say ‘I can be better than this, I can do more for my fellow man and woman’.

Teach them well dearest heart for we will speak through you and to you. Be patient and kind as they rise up to new levels of love.

Teach them how to truly love themselves and to be gentle and compassionate with themselves as they begin to understand why they are here, what they are here to be and do.

Go in peace this day.

2016 will be one of great expansion for you and yours, this reflects the love expansion that has already taken place in your heart and in your being.

Beloved One, Blessed Be.

Mary Magdalene through Patricia Iris Kerins 14.12.15 Please share this with my love to friends and family if you have found these words helpful.

All copyrights apply only to be reproduced with the author’ s permission. Dec 2015

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