Conversations with Goddess - Transformation

When I enquired about this year and what it might hold for me I received the following message, I feel you may relate to this and resonate with the content. It is shared with love and many blessings.

Beloved One,


This is a powerful year, this year of 9. Many aspects that you have been diligently working on are coming to a graceful end and stepping into the Imbolc energies this month of February will bring with it a new wave of energy to your life. As you close the old doors many new ones will open and you will be drawn to seeking new places to work as your time of healing where you are, is over. The job there is done. Deep within you, you know this to be true.

A new adventure is opening before you and although not completely fear free you are adopting a flexible approach to this shift. Let it be so. Rest assured that we, myself and the Universe, have your back in all you do and with that trust and faith in your heart you may walk forward confidently and with a high degree of self worth and value. You have been working on those aspects of self and you have retrieved so many parts of you it is joy to observe.

Your New Year commences in March when new beginnings really come to the fore and opportunities blast their way into your psyche. Your relationship with me as I present as Mary Magdalene will become stronger and stronger as we, together, co-create many beautiful, transformational and lovely retreats and workshops to help heal humanity at this time, restoring the Divine Feminine in women and men alike.


As humanity opens more to hearing and seeing the new words of LOVE, more and more will flock to hear you however we are asking that you focus on being your true essence always. Not showing up in a way that suits others but a completely authentic way, always speaking your Truth with Love. You know as well as I do that this does not always go down well however TOUGH LOVE is what some need to hear and it will serve them beautifully.

Be more of everything that you seek to bring forward for others as you continue to raise your vibration and rise above what is, so you will manifest the new and beautiful people that are ready and waiting to help you achieve all that you are destined to achieve. Some have already arrived and they are supporting and loving you as they know at a deep level the nature of your journey on this planet. They remember their contract to support you. Love them well as they are the backbone of your journey.

This of course applies also to many of your readers as they too enter the new energies of the 5th dimension. Leave the 3rd dimensions behind now, no need to struggle, do not be distracted by the dilemmas, the wars, the conflicts that play out in the 3d dimensions for all will soon be resolved in a way which will be mystical in the extreme.

Not for you to concern yourself about that, yours is to activate love, be love, stay in love, enjoy love, expand love, live love, extoll love, give love, receive love and pray with love and do whatever else you can think of with LOVE at the forefront of your entire ‘raison d’etre’.

Join in the worldwide peace prayers for they are heard and are received on all levels, in short, they are working, never ever doubt that for a moment.

Beloved we leave you now to rest and enjoy the sunshine of your beautiful day.

I AM Goddess, I AM Love in action.

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