THE NEXT STEP...........

Conversations with Goddess

The Next Step………

P: What now Goddess? What are the next steps, we are almost through the high re-energising frequencies to new levels? We have been experiencing much pain on many levels so what now??

G: You have been waiting, as have I, for the next door to open and beckon you forward to bring about the elevation of humanity's evolution to the All That Is. Your journey continues as the door swings fully open ready for you to walk through. Are you ready? It is a leap of faith and trust into the darkness from which everything is born.

P: many are struggling with the Trust and Faith aspects.

G: Yes they need to now UNPLUG from the consciousness of FEAR that has permeated your world for aeons. Teach those who have ears to hear to unplug by simply announcing this intention and bringing all your attention to the unplugging. When you take radical action such as this it will bring rapid and amazing transformation and so you need to be strong of heart and clear in your boundaries and as always aligned to the Earth, who is your Cosmic Mother, and the All That is the 7th Dimensions of Love and Light, The Councils of Light.

P: Thank you Goddess and for the teachings you have given me to share regarding this. I am your devoted servant and will share the information with Loving care .

G: We are pleased with you, go forward in Love and we look forward to walking and talking with you and your groups whether on the earth or in the ether.

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