A Womb with a View

Patricia: Well here we are in the midst of exceptional energies as 5 planets go retrograde! What may we ask do we do with that beautiful One?? Do you have a message for us all?

Mary Magdalene: Panic not for a starter, for it is always an opportunity for growth and expansion. If you have been feeling stuck, confused and depressed, as I know many have, be assured that clairty is always on its way. These very energies are stirring things up and urging you to let go of all that you no longer need as you prepare to travel light.

You will be travelling as you listen to the inner promptings of your beautiful heart and follow it's guidance almost like a moth flying towards the LIGHT. It will take you nearer and nearer to your goal and our best advice would be simply to GO FOR IT - dont hold back at this time - take a deep breath and take that leap of faith as you will be surprised at the strength and expanse of your beautiful wings as they unfurl - you've been strengethening them for decades to get ready for this moment.

Many of your beautiful artists and entertainers are checking out and coming Home at this time, as they have given so much to humanity for many years. It is time for that role to be taken up by many many souls now as you lift your spirits, call upon your muses and express the totality of your creative powers for all to hear and see. Many of you were worried before about not being visible then PREPARE for a turn around!! It is just about to happen a thousandfold as the surge of starlight that is YOU, flys around the sun and bursts into total glory. NOW is your time - it has arrived!!!!

Goddesses and Gods go well, realize and remember that you are the God energy, the God force, the Love energy, the Love force. You are a Christed being of light, stand in your infinite power for there is nothing that you cannot do, know this to be a truth. There is nothing you can dream of or visualise that cannot be made manifest upon your beautiful planet, Earth. You belong to Mother Earth and she holds you in her womb, safe, nurtured and protected and she allows you to see outside, to the totality of possiblities that this life of yours offers..........

Stand your ground, core aligned, in the heart and soul confidence that is singing in your heart.

Beloveds this has been Mary Magdalene speaking to you today. Thursday 28th April 2016 your Earth time, through Patricia Iris Kerins.

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