November 14, 2017


I don’t know about you but I am always aware when I am trying to push the bus up the hill, that is to say make things happen exactly to my mental time frame and in my way. 


Over the years this has caused me so much subtle stress that I really had to have a serious talk with myself about it, more specifically a chat with my heart.


There seemed little point in being a life & soul coach for others if I couldn’t sort out my own levels of stress and believe me pushing, trying and controlling can cause a lot of stress.


I also feel it is important to be congruent with my clients, walking my talk is high on my lists of ‘to be’ and ‘to do’.  I can remember meeting a hypnotherapist who featured ‘stop smoking’ protocols on his list of offerings and he smoked like a train. I observed that and wondered how reassured the clients felt by that behaviour. ……..


Anyway I digress……


I dialogued with my heart about this ‘pushing’ thing, was it a habit?


My heart replied, “ Yes, it is an old learned behaviour from days when you worked in the Corporate world where results were necessary to survival, where fear ruled your day to day experience.


“Ok”, I said, “I can see that, so how would you like me to change that particular piece of subliminal programming that I, (like a good little sponge) have taken on board.


My heart sighed and said, “ At last, we will have an opportunity to help you simply let go, using your immense visionary powers hold the intention to let go of this old habit.

(Read through this exercise first then set aside your laptop and do it.)


Now, close your eyes, see yourself holding on to reins in your hands connected to a large box. Feel the reins solid in your hands, be aware of the weight and colour of the box.


The box is labelled FEAR!


You don’t need to know exactly which fears you are dealing with however there has to be a lack of trust in there and a lack of faith perhaps in yourself, possibly in others too and certainly in the Universe because if we are all one, and we are, we are all connected at root level to each other ergo what you want for you, the Universe wants for you and it is already on it’s way – SO RELAX –


Call forward Archangel Michael, most high, ask him to remove the reins and the box, see the reins and the box being taken to the heavens by this mighty being.


He takes it all through the golden gateways to the light – he cuts all the cords that had hooked into you from the box, this box of fear will never return to you or anyone else on the planet. You just cleared this for lots of folks by the way as well as yourself as we are all connected.


Open your eyes. Thank Archangel Michael.


Now, breathe really deeply and enjoy the warmth, the love, faith and trust that fills and floods your entire being as you relax into TRUST & FAITH that everything that is meant for you will come your way – no matter what!!”


Affirm every morning: I AM trusting and having faith in the Universe, it has my back and everything in my life is working out for my highest good and my greatest joy in Divine Right Timing!.”



Thank you to my beautiful heart for facilitating this also to my visionary and intention powers, they will ensure that this is so, this is how it will be for YOU and I. AHO!


I hope you all practice this and make Stress and Fear a thing of the past in your life. I have been successfully doing it for a few years now – it works!


Speak to you again soon…


Much love



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