What a session with me looks like

People often ask what a session with me looks like. Off the top of my head I would say in depth and profound because we start by looking at your wheel of life in a shamanic way - all the different aspects of what makes up your life. We take time to identify the strong bits and hone in on the weak bits and therein lies our plan. We set the plan to balance your life inside and out.

Depending on the number of sessions you have booked we agree a plan that will take you to the very depths of past lives and ancestral programming to the heights of the Councils of Light to facilitate your highest vibrational healing.

I use every tool that I have in my medicine bag, which varies, as I bring out what is required just for you in the moment. Visualisation is usually always used as it is without doubt a highly successful tool of transformation.

I am guided to facilitate your healing by the hierarchies of the heavens. All the spiritual healing is coming from the greatest Source of Divine Love available to humanity at this time. By hierarchies I mean the Archangelic Realms, Ascended Masters and Shamanic teachers all of whom will come forward, as and when necessary.

Obviously the more time you decide to invest in yourself the more profound the results or some may feel they just need a tweak back on track here and there and my guides, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, are delighted to facilitate that for you. I channel whatever they wish to bring forward for you at the time.

I use my voice to seal healings in, as they use my voice instrument as a conduit to give you new codes of existence. By this I mean activations and attunements: they take place often and they take you to the next level of life experience or the next step on your soul journey.

A Soul empowerment experience is different for us all. No two sessions are ever the same, the ‘powers that be’ will take us where we need to go to get the best results for you.

Bottom line is you will always feel clearer, lighter and adjusted after a session – the effects take 48 hours to embed. Then you notice that you are somehow coming from a different place as your cellular, spiritual and molecular presence has been restructured.

I hope that helps to answer your questions.

Many blessings


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