My Typical Day

Living in the country, as we do, our start to the day is very quiet. There is hardly a sound – perhaps the possibility of some chirruping and tweets from the birds or a dog barking in the distance and that is about it.

With eyes still closed, I tune in to myself to see if I have picked anything up overnight. I always tap into the 3rd chakra as sometimes I simply awaken with inexplicable fear in there which means I know for sure I have been out and about working while I sleep in amongst the collective consciousness so much of which is riven with fear! I ask Archangel Michael to clear all and any fear and clean the whole situation up.

As I recall my power I feel loads better, I do my gratitude list for the day and that is a long list. It is also a list of diverse things from the oxygen we breathe, the water we drink to being grateful for the Universe providing new and lovely coaching clients to work with.

Then its time for my wonderful breakfast - I am so spoiled by my husband, Bill, who brings me breakfast in bed every day. That usually comprises of a smoothie and a coffee, and a slice of toast and jam. Then, during the winter, a very leisurely getting up and getting going takes place.

First thing, I let Mr Murphy, my little Llasa Apso, out, he loves his bed and does a lot of sleeping. He comes up into our bed at about 6 am every morning and cuddles in, he likes to feel part of the pack.

Motoring forward now – showered, hair done etc, Another cup of coffee is downed, and a check of emails and Facebook is all achieved by around 10 am, and that is when we meditate for about 30 minutes every day. It helps me stay grounded and aligned to Spirit and I always ask what they want me to be doing and being – they tell me very clearly and that dictates the activities for the day.

I write a lot, I create on Facebook, and I meditate a lot, particularly these past few months, as I have been guided to reassess how I deliver my spiritual messages, coaching and mentoring.

At the same time, with all that going on, I also have my own personal development well in place: learning new ways of doing things on Facebook and online as well as working with therapists/coaches to keep clearing my vessel of old patterns, beliefs and habits.

I have always thought that, particularly as a coach and/or therapist of any kind, work on oneself is essential.

No point in just talking a good talk; it is about walking it too. It is important for me to be as clear as I can be to be able to guide others to remembering their truth and authenticity.

Then I make lunch, which is usually a lovely warming soup in the winter, with crackers, houmous and salad during the summer months. We keep it simple.

I find in the afternoons that my energy is lower, so I take Mr Murphy out for a walk and some fresh air, which does us both a lot of good.

I am creating a Sacred Circle of trees up behind the house here where we will have a seating around a fire. We will be able to use this as a place of gratitude giving and ceremonies during the Spring and Summer this year. The trees just seem to embrace me. The energy is like that of walking into a cathedral. Pure love. I so love to share Roundwood with my friends, clients and visitors. It uplifts them and oxygenates their lives on every level. It brings a new zest, vim and verve into each and every aspect of their essence and existence.

There you have it, beloved readers, my life is very peaceful. I fit in clients as and when on skype or Zoom and network on Facebook as much as I can, although I don’t like to overdo the laptop stuff as I am sensitive to geopathic stress. I get help from an administrative consultant, thank goodness.

Soon it is time for tea, then perhaps a group call with like minded souls so, although we are a bit isolated up here, I never feel that way as we are so connected online.

Bill and I sometimes treat ourselves to a meal or a coffee out, and at least once a year the films. LOL!! Now that is a day out!!.

We are very happy to be here in this amazing energy and when I do go to Ireland or to deliver workshops in the UK, it is always a gift to come back to the total tranquillity here. It nourishes my soul. I am so very blessed. I thank the powers that be every day of my life for the privilege of living here and for life itself.

I am deeply honoured to have my Divine Obsession, sharing the Love and Light of Mary Magdalene and the Christ Consciousness, as an integral part of all I do. It is my life, my love and my Divine Occupation.

At the same time I remember I am a human with all the lovely foibles and faults that go with it, so I guess that Roundwood, our beautiful home here and my very grounded husband, help to keep my feet on the ground to walk forward, just one baby step at a time as we are called to a higher level of living and being every single day.

And so dearest readers, until we meet again I am sending you much love and light.

Keep on keeping on…life goes up and down like a yoyo - just hang in there and become an expert in playing with the yoyo!

Have fun because, although all of the above may sound a bit tame, Bill and I laugh and we laugh lots…………..

Blessings and Big Love to you


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