Are you ready to come out of the closet – to really step up and step out to reveal yourself as the Spiritual heart based Entrepreneur you truly are?

To do that would you need to overcome much fear?

Are you possibly very worried about what people will say, what people will think?

What about the church you used to attend, you don’t want to be seen as anti religion, you above all want to ‘fit in’ to the mix, created by family and friends after years of societal programming.

If you show up and really authentically express who and what you are it may not go down well with your husband, your wife, your partner, your auntie or your granny etc etc.

As if all of that was not enough, is there a possibility you may be ridiculed? Might you be verbally shot down? Attacked in many different ways including online?

You know you are not good at dealing with conflict therefore you back off, you quietly think you will keep knowing and believing in what you do without making it known and that way you will squeak through.

That is all very well until you realise that you are very aware of the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) suppression you are being subjected to and subjecting yourself to. You turn your flame down and your Light does not burn as brightly as it could!

You get into the way of self denial to an alarming depth which of course plays right into the hands of those who like to keep you/us in our place, in your particular box and keep the lid shut! You fall into the trap of not valuing who and what you are and what you have to offer and then, no surprises, others undervalue you as well.

You find it difficult to make a decent living from what you are offering as therapy or healing.

There is also a very subtle ego thing can play out that keeps you playing small when you could be doing big and tall and really valuing who and what you are. Your inner voice aka your inner critic and judge can and often does have a field day!

If you relate to some maybe all of the above please know immediately that you wouldn’t be alone in that, it is very common.

I have been aware of playing my ‘knowings’ and beliefs down to suit others. Not in recent years however because I have been empowering my soul to be all it can be and is – bit by bit and as I restore all of it’s fragments from many different sources it becomes stronger and stronger. We need to redefine the word ‘empower’ to mean to love empower our entire beings in Oneness and Unity with the Divine! It takes the courage of a lion and much strength to truly be who and what you are and run your business accordingly.

Society and all it’s political correctness makes it clear that it would rather keep you as part of the tribe or herd so that you can be manipulated in every possible way rather than being the leader of the tribe you undoubtedly are – a pioneer of the New World Order that is already made manifest.

So how is it for you then? Are you shouting from the roof tops about your inner passions about the amazing, uniting, eternal power of love and light or do you watch so called enlightened programmes on TV geared up as always to embrace only the known religions with maybe the Humanists thrown in.

Is your voice represented?

Do people really have a clue what the difference is between Religion and Spirituality?

Are the manmade constructs of religion thriving or do they get trailed out for matches, hatches and despatches. Could it be so different?

Are the patriarchal archetypes still ruling the roost although many women feel things have changed for the better? Have they changed enough? Quickly enough?

Do you ever wonder what you could be doing and saying to change humanity for the better and get them unified in Love?

Do you want to get into a new paradigm of self-belief, knowing and understanding exactly who and what you are – why you are here so that you can take up your role in this the biggest transformational shift in consciousness for aeons.

This is something we need to remember and relearn.

VALUING OUR GIFTS AND TALENTS - as never before. Being the absolute best version of you, you are capable of being.

I am passionate about helping you be all you can be. I work primarily with women to effect huge and miraculous changes to your way of life.

I am inviting YOU to take part in this monthly Magdalene Mentoring Group that is starting up again in October. You will receive 2 monthly sessions in group with home assignments in between and coaching is offered for your spiritual life and business. I also offer you a way of taking the loneliness out of your spiritual journey by linking you with like-minded women from all over the world.

Get excited about your life – get in touch here.

Lots of love

Patricia Iris Kerins

August 2018

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