Inspiration for The Community of Divine Love

April 5, 2020


April Fools Day here in Ireland was very cold and cloudy not quite the beginning of Spring as yet.


I had 2 clients booked in for today and was looking forward to a lovely chat with a soul sister of mine.


My plans went slightly awry when uncomfortable emotions arose during meditation and afterwards I spent a good half hour working on myself, clearing some past life energies.


 I also did some shadow work. The result of that was a feeling of being a bit down and I was looking forward to the chat I had arranged with my very close friend.


The allotted time arrived and we connected. we listened to each other and how we were during this unusual time on planet Earth.


Laughing, as ever with her, my spirits rose in response to the love and warmth of the call.  She suggested that I think about starting a Community of Love and I loved the idea.


I would call it the Community of Divine Love. It felt so good.

There I was all fired up once again because my caring friend had shared her intuition with me. The next bit is also a delight though!



Well, it was like this I sat down at my computer yesterday to do some work when an ANT started running about on the keyboard. I watched him/her for a while and then flicked it off. I didn’t want to harm it just move it along. Do we get Ants when it is freezing cold?? Hadn’t seen them around at all before!!!!!!!


Today well, glory be, after the conversation with my friend, it was back again. Was it the same one – who knows? It skipped about, stuck its nose in every corner and generally had fun scurrying about.


Hello, I thought, this little beastie perhaps has a message for me as it is definitely interacting with me!

So I ‘Googled’ it. Shamanic Animal Ant Spirit, what does it mean?


Ha, what an interesting and appropriate read this was!

Hard working, persistent, consistent the Ant is all about building community and bringing patience to the effort as it takes time  - Rome wasn’t built in a day!  No sirree!


There was in Ant’s world no need or necessity to push too hard to achieve, it was /is all about timing and having loads of time so easing back and communicating ideas is definitely good josh.

 OK message received.


I absorbed all the relevant data and then had about a half hour meditation. During this period of introspection I looked at how this could apply in my life. I have been going with various ideas and projects fairly consistently for quite a few months now.  I have a beautiful Goddess ascension group and we are half way through so approaching the end of that. What is coming next?


Just recently I was feeling a bit tired and have decided not least because of the ‘self isolation’ that is going on but because I love working on line that I will be doing more groups on line. Here however was the message, and a big time nudge, to build a community on line.

An ANT loves Community and so do I! Talk about validation of what my friend had suggested – this was for sure the Divine message. Both beautiful souls were being Divine Messengers. Thank goodness I was paying attention and in the moment with this, I had truly received the message.


Just another day on planet Earth however a wondrously productive and creative one as I am already planning how I will bring this idea to fruition.


Focus on all the positives in your life and absorb the Love so many of us are sending your way.


Stay safe during this time, wear a mask when you go out  - if you go out., don’t go out .


Care lovingly for each other. If you are feeling anxious or fearful contact me I can forward some meditations that will calm you and sooth your soul.


Remember you are never alone, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and the Illumined Beings of Light are with you always.


Connect with nature if you can, she will whisper her secrets to you.


Bless you all




PS I almost forgot, if you would like to join the Community of Divine Love then go to our secret page on Dacebook….       See you there.

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