Going Within

These 2 words carry a lot of weight – maximum power when it comes to their ability to help you become all you can be. The action they encourage is truly the single most important aspect of living a creative, spiritually connected life.

What do I mean then by these words. Going Within.

When you close your eyes, you cut out the experience of all that is taking place around you. It is like switching the spotlight off from the exterior and switching it on to your interior world.

You are the Creator of everything you can conceive of, in your inner world and when you become an adept at bringing in new ideas and creative projects through your right brain channels, you very quickly understand that the world is your oyster.

Your inner life is so rich. There is nothing that you cannot do and achieve in this inner world, on the inner plane, using your 3rd eye. It is situated in between the 2 eyes that look out the way. This is the world of the true visionary.

As we ‘Go Within’, silence and stillness accompany us, so if you are living a hectic, noisy and stressful life then here is a place where peace and calm can be found. Time to allow yourself to relax and let go of the ‘to do and to be’ lists.


Your inner Creator loves this and will often take the opportunity to feed you beautiful ideas and or inspirations that are pure genius. Many wonderful items we use have been conceived within this place of visionary brilliance.

I can remember as a young woman travelling daily by train to work in Glasgow. Whilst dozing, I was seeing myself performing at a big concert. My favourite song at the time was “I could have Danced all night”.

I never ever played that role whilst on stage however about 30 years later I did sing that song at a huge party given by a friend. She accompanied me and the words of the song just came flowing out. All well embedded.

It may have taken a while but it did happen pretty much as I saw it. Never give up on your dreams!

Here is what Tesla the great inventor said to a journalist.

JOURNALIST: You often mention the power of visualization.

TESLA: I’m going to have to thank visualization for everything I’ve invented. The events of my life and my inventions are real in front of my eyes, like any occurrence or article. In my youth, I was afraid of not knowing what it is, but later I learned to use this power as an exceptional talent and a gift. I nourished it and protected it jealously. I also did the corrections through visualization in most of my inventions and ended them that way. By visualizing mentally I solve complex mathematical equations.

Delving back

When your 3rd eye is fully activated you will be given visual ideas, if you want to delve back into information/reference books then you can take your self to your local library in your minds eye and look them up. You can go back in time to revisit and perhaps redo the past taking time to heal relationships. Best of all you can visualise what and how you would love your life to be. What it would look like if all the ducks were in a row. In time, the Universe will make this so.

You can also ask for guidance from the Illumined Ones and sit back and listen and see what they are offering to you. Amazing inspirational work!


Also some enjoy just sitting contemplating in silence allowing thoughts to come and go and pass. Not entering into a dialogue with your thoughts, calms them down until eventually they stop and a wonderful inner peace pervades your entire being.

Whatever you like to do and be, you can do and be it on your inner level.

I am very blessed as I have an extremely active 3rd eye. It is a joy to go within and be shown so many wonderful things and, as I am also clairaudient, I hear as well..

Life is nothing if not a wonderful adventure and when you learn how to Go Within you are opening the portal to many new worlds. Enjoy!

Perhaps I will see you there sometime.

If you need advice with this or any other aspect of spirituality please contact me at www.patriciairiskerins.com

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