The human voice is the most powerful healing tool in existence. Whether through the use of words spoken, sung or sounded. When we harness the power of our voices we are awesome in every respect, mystically and magically.  We are always listening to ourselves so what we say to ourselves is so important. We need to stay in a positive frame of mind, praising and encouraging ourselves.


That is all very well I hear you say however we all know that as we grow up we get told to ‘shut up’ a lot or ‘you cant get in the choir your voice is no good’. ‘You are not good enough’.


Negative conditioning like this can give you a complex about your voice and expressing yourself freely. Have you ever sat at a meeting bursting to share a great idea only to feel yourself going red and not sharing it, by the time you have plucked up enough courage the moment has gone, the meeting has moved on? 

Or perhaps you can’t identify with a particular thing that has been said to you this life time, you just feel ‘less than’ particularly in male company, you find it difficult to express your needs in case you upset anyone. Perhaps you find you keep on manifesting abusive relationships into your life, people who do not really respect you or see you never mind hear you!.


This is ancestral and historical programming that stems from how women have been treated as second class citizens for so long, subjugated and made to be subservient to the male of the species. We have been used and abused for millennia and yes that sticks in your throat !!! 

It is also good to remember that men have this challenge too, as they have probably been a female in one or some of their past lives, so not all of them acknowledge and bring forward their feminine energy in its fullest form, choosing to stifle it and not be seen as being too soft. They choose to maintain a hard exterior and not acknowledge the beautiful feminine within. They forget they are born of the womb of woman.

If you find yourself bottling what you really want to say and what your needs are just to please others, to be liked, and to fit in  - it most likely comes from that ancient programming. 


The good news is we can deal with that as Archangel Michael, most high, is the Archangel responsible for the wellbeing of your throat chakra and as such works through Patricia to effect some brilliant healings.



Please see below a list of options for you to choose from. Patricia recommends booking at least 3 sessions to ensure permanent and full effects from this work.


1 session               £90

3 sessions           £250 


6 sessions      £475

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