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Cheryl Muir

Twin Flame Guide

Since my session with Patricia, I have felt so light and effortlessly happy and at peace. There’s a joy within me which is so gentle and alive and present. Working with Patricia is simply incredible. She holds a command of the archangelic realm and the ascended masters like nobody else. She is so connected. She uses her intimate knowledge of, and deep respect for, these realms whilst also guiding you through energetic healing and past life regression in an incredibly wise, warm and safe manner. I have never experienced a healing session or past life regression quite like Patricia’s. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.



I first went to see Patricia last year as my friend could see I was at a very low point in my life and she knew she had to help me so she took me to see Patricia. My very first experience was absolutely wonderful!!! I was feeling so low and thought nobody could help the situation I was in, but when I explained what had been happening to me we went to work! the angels were called in and the feeling of seeing them all was such a safe and real feeling. when I came out I felt absolutely refreshed, calm, and strong inside, my problem which I will say was a very large one involving being bullied, followed, to the point of police being involved. Straight away things changed for me, things went very quiet and a couple of days I got a message of this person almost apologetic! Since then I have been seeing Patrica build myself back up again and I am now currently in the process  of setting up my own business which I have always wanted to do, with the amazing help I am getting of learning about love and self-belief with the help of knowing the angles are here when I need their help and I'm not alone. 
I have gone from a woman who couldn't get up out of bed some days and couldn't function properly to a woman who is getting up and looking forward to things watching my life look so much brighter.  I can't say enough how I feel it really has changed my life, I look at things I have around me and see it differently even though they are the same things, they just look/feel so good and I love it. I really don't know where I would be if I hadn't had the amazing opportunity to go to see Patricia she really has saved me where nobody else could! One of the kindest, heart warming people I have had the pleasure to meet. 

Rea Ma Ria, Scotland

Thank you

Thank you dear Patricia for a truly Self-empowering, Gorgeous Goddess Gathering workshop. I tremendously enjoyed the meditations and in particular the voice / sounding healing sessions we practised and experienced on each other. A very hands-on, soul-searching workshop led by you with so much love, compassion and lighthearted humour which created a very save space for us sisters to bond and share with each-other with ease and trust. Magical :) <3 Danke :) Namaste /I\ Andrea xx

Cheryl Muir

Twin Flame Guide

Patricia has a gift unlike any teacher I’ve encountered. Her loving approach coupled with her strength, wisdom and experience provide a safe, supportive environment for transformation to take place. Patricia has a knack for getting to the crux of the issue, and then helping to heal it, whether it has a past life source or a present-day cause. Patricia’s guided meditations and past life regressions are particularly powerful. Her connection to the goddesses, mother earth, and the archangelic realm must be experienced to be truly appreciated. 

Janie Walker

Glasgow, Scotland

"Patricia, I wanted to thank you for speaking recently at the Glasgow Therapist group I run.   Although we didn’t have a large attendance due to the sudden change of dates, you still gave us a very professional talk.   Shortly after it was wonderful to hear you speaking at the Empowerment day, to what looked like about 200 people in the Trades Hall.  


One of the reasons I have you as a spiritual coach, is because of your powerful attitude to living and the personal toning sessions have been especially effective to me.  When you are toning I feel as though I am in another time and place, it feels like your voice goes into my DNA and I believe it is being changed and healed. Being able to work with people in a quick and effective manner, has resulted in me personally being allowed to move forward in my own life/love journey.  


As an aside I finally wanted to thank you for taking the fear out of the way I was brought up in my religion.    I was scared of religion and everything connected to it, including love.    Your gentle way of passing on the information of Jesus as a healer has allowed me to open my heart to the Christ Consciousness which I am trying to follow, now I don’t have to adhere to others rules and regulations.    Now my heart is filled with love.   Now my heart is filled with love at long last."


Janie Walker 
Change One thought

Sally Claridge Teixiera

Edinburgh, Scotland

This morning I had a private session with the wonderful Patricia Iris Kerins DHP - Soul Empowerment Coach.


Even those of us that work in the healing world need a bit of help sometimes! Connected through a Skype call... but even more connected through energy and a connection that isn't always explainable... Patricia intuitively feels you and knows you and guides you through a deep clearing process that will leave you feeling empowered, calmer, lighter... and with the recommendations on moving forward. And when she brings through the Divine voice of the Magadelenes you will feel the highest most beautiful vibration move through you.. reconnecting you with everything that you are and reminding you and realigning you with the source of All That Is. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Profound Prayer

Inspiritus Family

I am so pleased to encourage one and all to take this opportunity to witness the power of prayer, as channeled by my name number twin, Patricia Iris Kerins, for greater peace and resolution of sorrows. These non-denomination prayers act as law of attraction towers, opening a channel for divine healing and comfort. 


As a soul empowerment coach and "The Voice" of divine Christ consciousness, Patricia's reading of the prayers soothes and caresses you to greater soul satisfaction. I know it did for me. I highly recommend her mp3's, and at the very least, signing up for the free download she offers here. I can tell you that once you listen, you will want to hear more.


Thank you Patricia for such a loving gift to us all!
Sending blessings of Christ's love to you" 


Kimberly Anne Christensen, D. Div. 

Pamela Sinclair


I would like to say how much my life has changed for the better since I met you Patricia.


Your life coaching skills are excellent & also so intuitive.You have guided me with Great wisdom & oodles of compassion.The voice work was awesome!

I am now a qualified Vibrational voice healer thanks to your wonderful courses.Having Jesus, Mary Magdalene & Ascended Masters with you I felt awed by the ability that you have.Thank you so very much Patricia for everything."


Pamela Sinclair xx


Mary Jane Armstrong


What can I say, I'm still coming down from the natural high off my Soul empowerment session.  I feel for the first time in my life at peace, something I can't really ever remember feeling.  I'm not trying to orchestrate my day to day life or make things happen, I am allowing myself to stay open and go with the flow, and feel full of anticipation for the future."


Much love mj x. 

Mary Jane Armstrong

Jana B


Patricia's work is nothing short of miraculous for me. I had been on antidepressants for several years and wanted to get off them because of the toxicity and questionable effectiveness of that class of drug. I was working with my doctor who told me to start going off the drug very gradually to minimize discomfort. I thought that the withdrawal would last for about nine months, much longer than I wanted to deal with. After a few sessions with Patricia over a few months, however, I was easily and gracefully able to stop the medication with no problematic side effects. I know this happened for me because of Patricia's encouragement and, most of all, her incredible Light and Sound work with the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms on my behalf. I am much happier knowing that I am medication-free, and I continue to benefit from working with Patricia on those parts of myself that are ready to be brought into the Light, making the need for psychiatric drugs a thing of the past. Thank you, Patricia! I truly value your beautiful gifts.


Jana B., USA

Rachael McLean


So glad to be here today with every one of you spirited, spiritual souls! Many thanks to our wonderful hostess Patricia for inviting me to come along and fundraise for Tikondwe Youth Organisation.

Rachael McLean

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